Accuracy in weighing technology

MultiWeigh® tailored warranty and maintenance

What are the real costs of a car? Good question. Let's discuss it. Some people consider only the commissioning costs and indirect management costs. For us this vision is certainly reductive, because what would happen if your scale stopped working properly or, even worse, stopped completely in the middle of production? In this case the costs would skyrocket.

Actually, we at MultiWeigh®

we don't know much about such situations, as our multihead scales are extraordinarily reliable and it is very rare for them to fail. And if this happens, it is an event that does not last long: the modular system with which we have carefully designed them, in fact, allows in-depth remote maintenance or a quick intervention on the spot by our assistance service technicians, who live up to the reputation for reliability of a “Made in Germany“ brand.

We are so convinced of the quality of our products that we have no doubts in offering our customers an extension of the duration of the warranty and maintenance contracts. Maintenance, spare parts and emergency service are offered at a fixed price.

Warranty extension for continuous reliability

The most advantageous aspect of our approach is the extension of the guarantee, directly linked to the contractual guarantee. Our technicians guarantee continuous assistance to your MultiWeigh® scale, from the very first operation and for the entire duration of their (long!) Life. Thanks to constant care and maintenance, in fact, MultiWeigh® scales have a long and profitable life before them, but also a healthy one, without “ailments” that compromise their accuracy to the point of causing total failure.


Periodic maintenance for scales that last longer

Even a MultiWeigh® scale not subjected to continuous maintenance can return to work at its best with a maintenance contract, available in the formula with and without parts at a fixed price, i.e. with the highest degree of economic-company security.

Individual offers for individual machines

Our extended warranty and maintenance contract offer is customized just like your machine. In close contact with you, we define a specific offer for your needs, which changes according to the type of scale used, the environmental variables, the age of the scale and its use. Contact us and we will provide you with all the relevant information.


Quality "Made in Germany"

The standards of quality, reliability and investment security can be traced back to a single concept: mechanical engineering "Made in Germany". MultiWeigh® is proud of it.

"Our customers appreciate the reliability and goodness (it really should be said!) Of our systems. You know it well: this is what makes MultiWeigh® unique, "says the managing director Heinz Debus with satisfaction, speaking of the goals achieved.

Multilingual assistance

The quality of MultiWeigh® assistance is the same that characterizes development and production. For this reason, MultiWeigh® considers customer assistance and the provision of a 24-hour emergency service not a duty, but a free choice. MultiWeigh® employees know that in a 24/7 assistance service, availability is highly valued, since it not only requires great competence but also presupposes a sense of responsibility.

Schmehl continues: "As in the case of assistance in general, however, this happens very rarely: unplanned assistance interventions are practically nil."

Instant virtual assistance

To ensure that everything goes smoothly in rare cases of emergency, MultiWeigh® technicians can use the Internet or remote connections to provide customer support day and night or to better prepare for on-site assistance. In most cases, virtual access already allows you to continue production as quickly as possible with on-site operational staff. The result is the optimization of time, personnel and costs.

10 years of MultiWeigh®

10 Jahre MultiWeigh®