Nowdays, tasty and colorful and, above all, healthy foods are returning to our tables, sometimes in a version that is already clean, peeled and ready for consumption.

The company FreshFactory Hamburg , which operates with great success in this industry, has rightly focused its production on the multihead weigher 24-1.5-M-4MIX of bilance multitesta 24-1.5-M-4MIX di MultiWeigh® .

Specifically, the task of the scale is to mix 7 types of fruit, such as oranges, grapefruits, watermelons, pineapples and black and white grapes, and then introduce them in a package. Naturally based on the customer's requirements and in the manner required by a delicate food such as sticky and delicate fruit.

A weighing of this type involves difficulties from two points of view: first of all the products to be weighed contain a lot of liquid and can stick to the surfaces of the scale and secondly it is essential that the fruit reaches the consumer's table in good condition, without marks and dents. .

Two critical issues that did not cause problems for the MultiWeigh® specialists , who met these needs thanks to a special coating of the contact surfaces and a special device to stop the product from falling into the weighing collection area.

Fruit must be consumed fresh exactly as it is processed every day.

In this sense, it is obvious that daily hygiene, and in particular the practicality of cleaning the scales, is also of considerable importance. The high quality MultiWeigh® makes it possible to clean the entire system daily with the combined use of specific detergents and disinfectants and plenty of running water ", explains Andreas Ballon, FreshFactory technical manager . A procedure that can be repeated for years without damaging any components. Control of the entire line Precise multi-head scales, however, are only one of the components in FreshFactory production for which MultiWeigh®