"Faster. Even faster. And accurate as usual. Show me what you are capable of".
This, in essence, is what the customer asked MultiWeigh® in 2009.

The result was the 36 - 0.5 -M multihead . The increased speed was obviously not everything. The need was to weigh and mix, with precision to the gram, up to 8 products of the most varied: cereals, sweets, chocolate cornflakes . And all at an impressive speed: MultiWeigh® 36 - 0.5 M achieves 540 operating cycles , a result made possible by the patented " Direct Drive " system .

We are particularly proud of one thing: we were able to build a fast and highly reliable car at a non-prohibitive price.

This MultiWeigh® 36-0.5-M multihead scale is designed to dose cereals and chocolate flakes in double chamber trays. A strong point is the coupling with a product distribution system capable of simultaneously discharging into 18 trays which, consequently, advance one next to the other and not in succession.

The high speed of the cycle does not cause any deterioration in quality: as usual we can also process delicate, fragile and sticky products, maintaining a very high degree of precision.

The family of high cycle speed multihead has rapidly expanded; today, next to 36 - 0.5. - M, we can in fact find two other models: the 20-0.5- M and the 30-0.5.- M with which, at even lower prices, it is possible to achieve very high performance. Furthermore, since 2012 we have expanded the series with an even more performing model, the 48-1.0-M, the new reference model as the fastest multihead weigher in the world.