It wasn't long ago that potatoes and carrots were stored in the cellar once a year.

Today this is no longer the case: vegetables are bought when they are needed , in an amount that can be consumed and above all transported immediately.

Everything is weighed and packaged with the new MultiWeigh® 18-8.0-L-Twin , which works according to the partial quantity combination weighing principle. This weigher doses more than 50 packs of 5 kg per minute .

A novelty is the use of 18 8-liter baskets which allow you to dose large quantities of product.

The special process of this precision instrument is based on the coupling of two scales controlled by a central software. "We are proud to be able to perform high-precision weighing of over 250 kg of products per minute.

It is the new standard, "said satisfied the manager of commercial MultiWeigh® , Frank Schmehl. An ideal tool for weighing large volume products, not only potatoes and carrots, but also all other types of vegetables, salads and fruit.